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Question of the Day: Minorities 10 January 2007

Posted by SA'ILA in Politics, SA'ILA.

In the ideal world, the rights of minorities should be protected by the State, and when that is not taking place, at least by the majority in the community.

Given that, often, the State and the majority fail to protect the rights of minorities, does this mean that—practically—the burden to fight for one’s rights falls upon the minority? Is it fair for the State/the majority to expect lobbying/education from the minority?

On a related note, is it the responsibility of the majority in a nation to be fairly educated about minority communities? Or is it more of a responsibility of the minority to inform the majority of its values/belief systems/desires?



1. Ibrahim - 10 January 2007

Good questions, Sa’ila. But the way I see it (or read it) is that really no one protects the rights of the minority until it becomes clear that the minority itself is fighting for rights. Only at this point do the majority and the state make an entrance, often for less than altruistic motivations. As for the burden of education, again, if a minority is seemingly content to live as an abstraction, with fake excursions into public life (via press releases and sound bites), then no one has the burden to learn about anything. This is a crowded life. There are a thousand issues and causes to take up, and until the minority makes a compelling case and a consistent case and a public-friendly case, then no one will really care. There’s no value to attach to this reality–sad or bad or pathetic. It is what it is.

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