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retread| Theory #141: Age Differentials 11 November 2006

Posted by EDITOR in Culture, GUESTS, Relationships.

Retreads are quality posts from yesterweeks that are given a second run on Saturdays. This ALBUS post was originally published on 12 Apr 2006.

The barrier presented by the age differential in a relationship varies inversely with the age of the younger party involved. That is, the older the junior party is, the less important the difference in age matters.

Consider the general reaction to a 21-year-old man dating a 13-year-old girl. But a 30-year-old married to a 22-year-old is less disturbing. And a 48-year-old married to a 40-year-old woman is normal. This theory applies to all races and religions.



1. aziz - 14 November 2006

possibly because human development is front-loaded? We mature immensely more in the first ten years of our life than we do in teh second, and exponentially less onwards. I’m 30ish and havechanged a lot less in the past ten years than I did the previous, but likely far more than in the next.

I mean, six years is trivial for adults but it consider the difference in age between a 10year old and a 16year old.

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