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Tonight 31 October 2006

Posted by VARANGALI in Poetry, Spirituality, VARANGALI.

I do not feel how to pray.
Fear I never did.
Prostate and bent, haggard and wincing,
wrinkled and furrowed, sweated and sweating –
knew the pain and knew the vigor,
knew the concentration and knew the sinner

To comprehend the sin is to re-win the vigor,
I’ve been told. The connect – that connect –
from sin to vigor to understanding to knowledge
which will (of course) set me free (but when can I feel?)

Life is a frothy can of coke and I’m sipping slow,
The sugar to my liver and caffeine to my brain:
I can knock out this ennui tonight, I swear.

And I shall pray tonight, and I shall pray slow.
I’ll stand as a reed, waiting to be knocked low.
I will not quiver, like a shadow in the sun,
but be the shadow in the shade of a soul.

Varangali, October 27, 2006



1. ABD - 2 November 2006

the feeling comes and goes. may it come again, and soon. of course, the worrying is already the beginning of the return.

2. The Turk - 6 November 2006

I dunno, I keep trying and failing. I worry and then pray it last maybe a week and then i’m lost till i see something or something moves me.
Its not been natural state of mind for me. I make promises to myself and Allah(swt) that I will turn over to a new leaf. If I had a dollar for every promise I made that I would reform; i would be richer than Bill Gates. haha.

My Allah(swt) guide me back into the fold and keep me there and rest of the world as well. Innshallah

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