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retread| Muslim Victimization 28 October 2006

Posted by EDITOR in Culture, MOZAFFAR, Politics, Psychology.

Retreads are quality posts from yesterweeks that are given a second run on Saturdays. This piece was originally posted by MOZAFFAR on 3 Apr 2006.

I don’t think I ever bought into the notion that the world was out to destroy Muslims. Many Muslims do, however, embrace this philosophy. They believe that the goal of anyone and everyone is to oppose Muslims. That’s a philosophy of victimization that I do not endorse.

But, I do believe that Muslims are often obstacles for the global ambitions of various regimes.

For starters, there are 1.5 billion of us; you’re not going to be have to travel to far before you cross paths with a Muslim. Further, most of the world’s oil and many natural resources are found in Muslim populated lands. Further still, Islam does inspire (and is often used as a vehicle for) activism and dissent.

So, I don’t believe that the world is out to destroy Muslims. Rather, Muslims often find themselves standing in the way of regimes and their ambitions. That includes non-Muslim regimes and Muslim regimes.

I do also believe that we’ve made ourselves victimizable. We’ve made ourselves colonizable. But, who is to blame? I don’t think history is some force that a few people can redirect (unless they carry the intellectual brilliance of prophets). Our history was headed in the direction of eventual defeat. If anyone is to blame, it’s the person who sees a problem and does nothing about it.

And, for the longest time, I used to develop a sort of allergic reaction to any speech that smelled of victimization. You’ll see an underlying thread throughout my discourse that each person holds his/her destiny in his/her own hands.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can ignore this culture of victimization. Muslims are victimized. It is still a reality. The Muslim nations have been exploited now for centuries. We can’t ignore it. Even in lands where Muslims are a minority, the young Muslim has few, if any, heros. Muslim and non-Muslim leaders have exploited Muslim populations.

Even if some preachers and elite wrongly embrace this culture of victimization, many laypersons have no choice but to embrace it. It has seeped deep into the culture. Their Islamic theology becomes a theology of victimization.

I can’t give myself the luxury of feeling victimized, but I can’t look down upon my Muslim brother/sister because he feels that way. It’s in the air. Be thankful that you don’t have to breathe it, but help the individual who has no other air.

Be thankful that you have — somewhere in your heart — hope. I still get surprised when I discover how little hope people have.



1. Ken McCracken - 17 November 2006

Well stated.

I would add that even if you are ‘victimized’ as a Muslim, does this mean you do nothing but sit down and whine?

Doesn’t such a victim mentality just become a license to do nothing?

The honorable thing to do is to better yourself and your situation despite the odds and your circumstances.

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