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How to Get Slapped in 10 Seconds 24 October 2006

Posted by VARANGALI in Humor, VARANGALI.

Person X: And this, my friends, is the paradigm of our times
Me: (slap)

Me: I say we drive, not walk
Person X: Rock’n’Roll
Me: (slap)

Me: So is it true or not?
Person X: Well, it depends
Me: (slap)

Person X: I would describe my poetry as, well, lugubrious
Me: (slap)

Person X: That’s my opinion, but hey, I’m just a pleb
abd: (slap)

Bono: Hi
Me: (slap)

Person X: *lol*
Me: (slap)

To be continued…



1. Irving - 25 October 2006

So you slap at platitudes? lol

2. talib - 28 October 2006

poor bono didn’t see it coming.
maybe if he took off those stupid sunglasses…

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