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Why Hizbullah did not win the War against Israel 18 September 2006

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Politics.

In terms of stats, Hizbullah clobbered Israel in this war. No question. That Israel — notorious for its policy of quick and extreme vengeance even if it has to break many international laws — so quickly signed on to a ceasefire is just one proof that it was losing this war. Of course, it signed on after it obliterated half of Lebanon.

But, Hizbullah did not win the war. No way.

Hizbullah’s primary method of attack was missiles. We know that when a missile strikes, it usually kills two types of persons. We all remember the first type: the soldier.

But, we often forget the other person who gets hit by missiles: the civilian who was unable to escape.

When people hear the drums of war, they prepare themselves almost as though a hurricane is on its way: either they take shelter or they run, and they do it quickly. But, there are those people who do not have the means to run, and have insufficient shelter.

They die.

When your battles kills a single civilian, you’ve lost the moral edge. You’ve entered a level of materialist savagery that you would otherwise ascribe to your opponent.

For a “Party of God” to claim victory, when that victory involved the deaths of non-combatants, I’m offended.

In this war, as is commonly the case in modern warfare, nobody won, though plenty of people lost.



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