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The Hadith Project 28 August 2006

Posted by MOZAFFAR in History, Law, MOZAFFAR.

I’m not one for hyperbolic statements (except for the purposes of self-entertainment), and this next statement is not hyperbole.

The greatest academic accomplishment in all of human history is the Hadith project. There is nothing else that comes close.

This is the project of compiling, recording, authenticating the narrations of the Prophet -p. There is nothing that comes close. This centuries long project of compiling the biographical dictionaries, of critiquing the entries in these dictionaries, of authenticating the statements, of critiquing the authentications, is something that inspires greater awe than the tallest skyscraper, than the furthest moonshot.

It’s unfortunate that young Muslims have gotten suckered into the skepticism of the German orientalists, who asserted that the Hadith had to be fake. They were short on methodology, but heavy on chauvinism. Simply, they could not conceive that the Muslims of this amazing project were anything but savages.

So, now, we’re seeing a trend in the western academic study of Hadith. Whereas the attitude was that Hadith are fake, now the attitude is that they are authentic.

Good things are coming.



1. muslim - 28 August 2006

assalamu alaikum,
good post jazakallahu khayr. the science of hadith and its compilation is really one of the miracles that we have been given. inshallah there are upcoming posts on http://islamicsciences.wordpress.com also that will be going into detail on this issue.

it is interesting you mention that its the single biggest academic accomplishment. i think thats something that goes unnoticed, especially in a time of ‘modern science’ and unfortunately we don’t give it its due attention

2. Ibrahim - 28 August 2006

This is an understatement, actually, especially when one considers the enormity of the subject matter of this “project.”

3. Irving - 28 August 2006

Alhamdulillah! May they succeed and all benefit from it. The hadiths are a source of constant inspiration to me, and only further the blessed Prophet’s (pbuh) stature as the model of adab and the perfect guide of Islam.

Ya Haqq!

4. R - 31 August 2006

alhamdulillah, i am very happy to hear of this trend! when i was taking islamic studies courses 6-9 yrs ago, it was total mockery of hadith.. and lately i have been seriously considering taking an old undergrad paper (a superficial examination of hadith methodology vs modern historical methodology) and making that the focus of future/potential grad studies, if Allah blesses me with that opportunity. i hear you about the Muslims being affected by the orientalists’ poison.. it troubled me as well when i first encountered it.. but it is the source of my motivation. and your post has only motivated me further! jazak Allahu khayr.

5. Rasheed Eldin - 2 September 2006

Very nicely put! The Hadith Project…

I commented on this matter recently in response to an article forwarded round by the self-styled “progressives”:


6. Ignorant claims about Hadith - 2 September 2006

[…] It’s not just “threatening”, it’s plain stupid. The science of hadith criticism is vast, deep and awe-inspiring, and is surely the forerunner to scientific methods developed in the Muslim world and later in the West. Take a look at this IslamOnline section, which includes an answer to the fallacy that the hadiths were compiled only by men. I also highly recommend this book by Mohammad Hashim Kamali. On the question of the authority of the Sunnah, please see this online treatise by Mufti Taqi Usmani. EDIT: Plus this nice piece on “The Hadith Project“! […]

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