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swinging in a bucket 3 August 2006

Posted by ABD in ABD, Poetry, Spirituality, Theology.

sit up straight,
for you have been
chosen to exist.

this ride moves in a circle
like the swathe of time:
for one brief moment,
suspended above the trees,
all will cohere —
that you’re brought
back to earth
is just how it is.

ah, you want to know
if the ride stops or not.
which scares you more?

– aug 2006 (in progress)



1. Irving - 3 August 2006

A lovely beginning – the circle of the Ferris wheel of life :)

2. The Turk - 3 August 2006

no its that

i don’t like to ride
so high above sky

so easy to fall
and the chair so small

and wind, the rain
pound me day & night

how can I stand another night?

3. ABD - 5 August 2006

danke, irving. i actually posted it while it was quite raw and i was still undecided about which direction to take it. it has changed a couple of times since you posted your comment (and will likely change again).

the turk: a fellow poet! maybe the ride isn’t always comfortable because we’re not supposed to get too comfortable… (would we still turn to God if it were?)

4. The Turk - 5 August 2006

i know. but i don’t i am lazy and i don’t want to work. Moses(pbuh) was right in his estimation. Rasulillah(saw) went back quite a few times to Allah(swt) to get our prayers reduced on Moses(pbuh) urgings. Went it went down to 5 and Moses(pbuh) said I know people; get it cut more. The Prophet(saw) refused to get it cut down further. Moses(pbuh) was right we are lazy and we want everything handed on a silver platter. I don’t deny it. I want heaven and I want it now. I volunteer for the greeter and heaven guide position starting from today. :)

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