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The Fundamental Theory of Emails 2 August 2006

Posted by ALBUS in GUESTS, Misc.

1. Theories about email dynamics apply primarily to non-relaxed email exchanges.

A relaxed email exchange is one with a good friend whom you write whenever you please without caring about things like response time. A non-relaxed email exchange can also take place with a good friend, but one who might demand a bit more thoughtful response and may be offended or upset if it does not come in due time.

Perhaps all e-mail series start off as non-relaxed exchanges and only with increased email familiarity do they become relaxed.

2. There are two ways of telling whether an email is relaxed or not. Neither rule is binding.

a. Look at how the email begins. If it opens with a standard formal greeting, like “Assalamu alaikum”, or “Dear so and so”, it is probably not relaxed. In contrast, simply delving into conversation is the hallmark of a relaxed e-mail.

b. Check the frequency of communication. If one emails a person often, the emails will tend to become more relaxed.



1. Safiyyah - 5 August 2006

Have to admit…this post is a slight bit unsatisfying.

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