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This Poem Fell 20 July 2006

Posted by ABD in ABD, Poetry.

This poem was going to be
about something else
until you rounded the corner
and it fell, as I once did.

The choice of preposition is crucial:
fell down? for? in?
I should say, rather, fell over
like an upturned applecart.

And so it is that one moment
collapses into another,
and the applewala must
gather up his fruit again.

July 2006
(revised Dec 2007)



1. ABD - 20 July 2006

if any of you see the changes i make to a poem in progress, please let me know whether you prefer one version to another.

2. Irving Karchmar - 20 July 2006

I love this version :) And look forward to the progress.

Ya Haqq!

3. Abu Sahajj - 23 July 2006

Asalaamu alaikum,

You have been selected as one of “Wa Salaam’s Top 5 Blog Picks“, please keep it coming…


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