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Malcolm X on Power 17 July 2006

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Politics, Psychology.

The only thing power respects… is power.

And whenever you find a man who’s in a position to show power against power, then that man is respected.

But, you can take a man who has power and love him all the rest of your life, non-violently, and forgivingly and all the rest of those fine things and you won’t get anything out of it.

– 02/14/65 From The Last Message (with minor edits).



1. The Turk - 17 July 2006

true but on the other hand.

when match eye for an eye.

Both go blind.

So where do we go brother?

Both paths leads to death, violence, misery and the human condition.

Even the right people win and establish good but as they are die

it back to idiocity!.

Musa -a- salam left for a couple of days and comes back to his people worshiping golden calf.

Huzar-SAW died and it took Hazart Abu Bakar a couple of weeks to bring everything back in order. People stopped praying, giving zakat etc.

We humans need a stick to keep us straight. Free will is all good but man when nafs, shaitain, mob mentality come in they conquer all. Allah sometimes is very lowly 5th on our list if it all.

May Allah guide & protect us.
Always & Innshallah

2. ABD - 18 July 2006

if this is true (i.e., that power only respects power), then i see three possible responses to the dilemma of trying to act honorably in a dog-eat-dog world.

1. mercy only flows from strength, and that in order to act softly you first need to acquire power (consider this the illiberal position).

2. if we can somehow widen our conception of what our interests are (i.e., not simply power but also peace and virtue), then we might expect educated people to respect the law and not simply brute force (consider this the liberal position).

3. realizing that politics inevitably requires a choice between two evils, we can only protect ourselves and our souls by abstaining from the political process entirely and turning to education or spiritual reflection (consider this the pietist/apolitical response).

i think that there is merit to (and a place and time for) each response. and we see different muslim groups pursuing these different options, some with greater wisdom and others with less.

3. MOZAFFAR - 18 July 2006

Salams The Turk and ABD,

The Turk: I don’t know if you’re asking a question, or just making a comment.

ABD: Indeed, especially if we focus only on the first line. How would you rephrase or change the responses, when looking at the third paragraph?

Thanks for your posts. May Allah bless you.

Omer M

4. The Turk - 20 July 2006

I was making a comment b/c this what is happening is not unique to our time alone. Wars have always happened. We never learn though. Humans that learned the lessons die and the children forget and do it again. People also don’t read history anymore. The information is there; stories of people have suffered before us. However, the newer generation scoff the stories off the old or pay no special attention. And so the story continues.

5. ABD - 20 July 2006

wa alaykum as salaam, MOZAFFAR

you’re right–i was focusing on the first two lines. in fact, i didn’t understand the full implications of the third line. perhaps you can unpack it for us a little more?

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