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Burying the Prophet -p 19 June 2006

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First question: who should dig the grave for the Prophet -p?

In Makkah, Abu ‘Ubayda b. al-Jarrah used to dig the graves for the deceased. In Madinah, Abu Talha Zayd b. Sahl used to dig the graves.

Al-Abbas sent men to find each of these individuals, making a prayer for God to choose. It appears that God chose Abu Talha, for the man sent to Abu Talha found him.

Second question: where should we bury him –p?

Abu Bakr recalled a statement from the Prophet -p- that no prophet is to be buried except in the spot where he died.

It is God who controls our lives, and it is God who wills the moment and location that we are to die. Our death is no accident. Thus, when a prophet is to die, his moment and location of death is selected as part of this Divinely-ordained design.

It was Wednesday night, and A’isha heard the pickaxes. Because the Prophet -p- had died on his bed, the Muslims removed the bed and dug his grave at that spot.

It was time to bury the Prophet -p. Ali and two others descended into the grave to bury him -p. After the earth was spread over the body, Shuqran set one of the Prophet’s -p- old garments in the grave, swearing by God, “nobody shall ever wear it after you.”

Then, the flocks came to pray, first men, then women, then children.



1. Celal - 19 June 2006

How did he die ? Is it correct that he was poisoined ? I remember reading that somewhere but i don’t remember the details. I’d be interested if you could enlighten me further on the circumstance of his death. Thank you.

2. Abu Noor al-Irlandee - 19 June 2006

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) died after a period of illness at the age of 63 so you will find some sources indicating that he died ‘of natural causes.’

My understanding is that the traditional Muslim view is that his death was the result of having eaten lamb which was poisoned during the time of Khaybar several years before his death. There are comments to this effect in many ahadith. ( The fact of the poisoning is well known and not disputed — it is just whether this caused his death that is a little less clear).

Many Muslim scholars do hold that his death was the result of the poisoning, making the Prophet (peace be upon him) a shaheed or martyr.

As you might expect, there were a number of fascinating events which preceded and surrounded the death of the Prophet (saw). I believe Mozaffar has written about some of them previously. You can check out any of the good biographies of the Prophet (saw).


3. Abu Noor al-Irlandee - 19 June 2006

Allaah (swt) knows best.

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