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Theory #089: Bon Appetit 7 June 2006

Posted by ALBUS in GUESTS, Misc, Psychology.

There is a direct relationship between how delicious food looks and how hungry one is.

Corollary: There is an inverse relationship between how good the food tastes and how long one has been eating.



1. The Turk - 8 June 2006

eating alone…

thats bad… come to calgary…

we have dinner… and eat enough long enough to food tast bad ;)

call me.

2. umair - 9 June 2006

There is also a direct relationship between chewing and flavor. The more times a morsel of food is chewed, the more flavor that is released.

Now, whether that flavor is good or bad depends on how long one has been eating. :)

3. ABD - 13 June 2006

turk, sorry about the mix-up. the post was by albus, not me.

umair, perhaps the relationship between chewing and flavor is on a logarithmic or s curve. i imagine that the flavor tapers off after a certain amount of chewing…

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