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A Beautiful Woman 8 May 2006

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Relationships.

There are few things in life more attractive and attracting than a beautiful woman. But, an intelligent charismatic woman is far more attractive than any other of God’s creations. Let’s be honest about it.

We’re often taught that a woman, to be beautiful must be voluptuous. Nah. That beauty is not only skin-deep, it’s not lasting. And, if you’re in the mode where you seek a voluptuous woman, no woman will satisfy you.

We’re often taught that a woman, to be beautiful, must be dumb. No way. What’s the appeal of that? Any normal heterosexual male, if he had to choose between twins: an unintelligent twin or a charismatic twin, will choose the latter.

Consider also the woman with the beautiful eyes. You glance for just a moment into them and your heart stops beating. Everything stops. You’re captured and she won’t let go.

But, a woman with a mind. A woman with charisma. That arouses something that no drunk artist can capture. You can’t be drunk to appreciate such a woman, and the intoxication such a woman gives you is not of this world.

You find yourself loving her children, not just because of who they are, but also because they are part her, and they are part of her.

Now, consider the woman who uses that brilliance to help others. Serving others, in her service to God. That’s more valuable than all that the universe contains.

Editor’s Note: MOZAFFAR is already married.



1. Koonj - 8 May 2006

i like the editor’s note :)

2. ABD - 8 May 2006

one of us wanted it to be phrased a little differently: “MOZAFFAR currently has one wife.”

3. MOZAFFAR - 8 May 2006


Too funny.

Here is the original post. The only thing I changed was the last line.


Omer M

4. UmmIsra - 8 May 2006

Your whole point, mind/beauty is fine, but, if you look in the Quran beauty is not described by Allah as being one attributed to humans. Beauty is specifically mentioned when describing animals, and nature around us. Br. Shuaib Webb mentioned that in a khutbah.

Also, I think there is a hadith that says that of all the beauty in the world, nothing could compare to the beauty of Prophet Yusuf (SWS).

5. Maliha - 9 May 2006

gorgeous post Mashaallah.

i wish most brothers had that kinda insight into that rare but real beauty that you talk about.

6. svend - 9 May 2006

Um, sure, Mo…

Methinks the brother doth protest too much. ;-)

Seriously, you obviously have a point, but I’d be careful about showering a woman with this praise of this nature. In the real world this is an uber-“backhanded compliment”.

As Casanova said, you tell a beautiful woman she’s intelligent and an intelligent woman she’s beautiful. Words to live by.

7. Koonj - 10 May 2006

aw so why didnt you keep the old post, man?

8. talib - 11 May 2006

there can also be a woman with too much charisma. what’s so beautiful about a women who is charismatic with every other guy she meets (or likewise, a man who actively tries to charm every female that crosses his path)? i think you will agree that
‘modesty in the street,
charisma in the house
are manners that must meet
in the alluring spouse’

9. MOZAFFAR - 11 May 2006

Salams UmmIsra, Maliha, svend, Koonj, and talib:

UmmIsra: interesting point. Just asking: which word are you using? jamil? Just asking.

Maliha: I think most brothers have that awareness. The high speed, materialistic river of society just tells us that everything that matters is on the surface. One of my intentions with the post is to take a baby-step to move the male attention back to that direction.

svend: thanks for the tip. I'm afraid to ask if you call your wife beautiful or intelligent. :)

Koonj: on my own blog, it's my own words. On this blog, I feel a bit compelled to be a tad bit more general. And, I'll also say that I think I started really thinking about this issue while going through A'isha's -r- comments and narrations in Sahih Muslim. She was obviously a brilliant woman, may Allah be pleased with her. And, I say this speaking about one of our mothers; hopefully with the highest level of respect and manners.

talib: I suppose someone can have too much charisma. But, here I'm connecting it with intelligence, talking about something that is part of the person. This is different than someone who charms people, like a siren. Nice poem.

Thanks for your posts.

May God bless you.

Omer M

10. The Turk - 11 May 2006


Love the casanova comment.

but what would tell a bueatiful & intelligent woman?

that she doesn’t exist?

11. ABD - 12 May 2006

thank you, MOZAFFAR, for the kind of post that brings the readers out of the woodworks :)

but isn’t this all a little too easy? let me press you on a particular point. you say: “Any normal heterosexual male, if he had to choose between twins: an unintelligent twin or a charismatic twin, will choose the latter.” is this simply the claim that, all else, being equal, men would have a rational preference for the smarter twin? and if so, how is that any more significant than having a preference for the twin who can play the cello, or has a PlayStation, or can make a wicked PBJ sandwich (all else being equal, of course)?

i was hoping you could sharpen the point by discussing the choice between the smart woman and the beautiful woman. or do you meant that the smarter woman IS the more beautiful woman?

12. MOZAFFAR - 12 May 2006

Salams The Turk and ABD,

The Turk: Iol.

ABD: lol. Trying to turn the blog entry into a subject of philosophical examination, eh? The smarter woman is not necessarily the more beautiful woman. Rather, a smart, charismatic woman is attractive.

But, for you and other single people, I'm redefining the contours of marital love. As Muslims from shame-cultures attempt to negotiate such relations in this society (which is a guilt-culture society), marriage becomes much, much more difficult than it needs to be.

Further, that parasitic tendency that too many Muslims have embraced, where, like zionists, we use this country for our own agendae, being an agenda that serves to suck this country dry….this parasitic tendency is corrupting many of our marriages.

More importantly: nobody has yet addressed the sum total of this person. The woman who uses that brilliance for service…physical beauty, compounded by intelligence and charisma, directed into service…now that's beauty. I suppose that's beauty in a man too.

Thanks for your posts.

May Allah bless you.

Omer M

13. Koonj - 30 May 2006

i’m sure svend would say BOTH :)

14. Baraka - 13 June 2006

Beautiful – & intelligent! ;)

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