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The Second Da’wa 17 April 2006

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Culture, MOZAFFAR, Politics.

The two types of Da’wa are organically tied to each other. The first Call (da’wa) is the call to God Himself. As Muslims, we are messengers of the Messenger of God -p. We are calling people to God.

But, the second type of Call is the process of calling to what is right and forbidding what is wrong. If we extrapolate that Call to its logical conclusion, we’re talking about social justice.

Can you be a Muslim without being conscious of matters of social justice? I don’t think so. As Muslims, we are obliged to stand for justice.

Unfortunately, for too many of us, our justice is a stance limited to our own needs. So, we will rightly remember the Israeli occupation, but will forget Darfur.

Part of the problem is indeed that we’ve embraced this group loyalty — where we are quick to notice injustices against our own people, yet we may slide past injustices done by our own people. How can something be just when it only applies to some people?

Part of the problem is also the reliance on mainstream media for our news. We (Muslims) are not the only ones ignoring Darfur; so too has mainstream media ignored Darfur. Thus, if we rely on mainstream media, we forget Darfur.

But, suppose we (for the sake of argument) ignore these foreign issues (if indeed we are in the United States). Consider the local issues of justice and injustice.

It’s a problem that half of all African-Americans and Latino Americans will not graduate from high school. That’s a problem. And, that stat is just the tip of the iceberg. 



1. VARANGALI - 17 April 2006


I agree that we should tackle issues of social justice of all three types: where we are victims (Palestine), where we are among the perpetrators (Darfur), and where we are not directly affected (Latino HS graduation rates). Do you think there is a prioritization among these – should we tackle one kind of affront before another?

2. mozaffar - 17 April 2006

Salams Varangali,

I’d say pick a methodology and run with it. Meaning, either prioritize causes based on proximity, or on amount of need, or on your own interest level. What I’m emphasizing here is that you should run.

Better than that, start with page 1 of the Qur’an, and see where it takes you.

For me, the highest priority is Islamic Renaissance.

I hope this helps.

May Allah bless you; thanks for your posts.

Omer M

3. talib - 20 April 2006

i think that there is a perspective on darfur that many people haven’t heard. it is the perspective of sudanese citizens. the ones in the us might have something different to say on the matter. i don’t know what it is, but i intend to find out inshaAllah.

one social issue that i think needs to be alleviated in this country is spousal/domestic abuse. this is something that affects many lives in this country, and little things can help. this is what immediately comes to my mind when i think of social injustice. hunger is another.

one dear sheikh i heard once mentioned that Surah An-Nis’a primarily deals with spelling out the rights of the oppressed and/or weak. i.e. a panacea for social injustice. if we only had the courage to implement it.

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