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library| An Afternoon with the Hijjabed 9 April 2006

Posted by EDITOR in Culture, Relationships.

Our first library post is “An Afternoon with the Hijjabed”, a Malaysian student media project that shows originality, personality and a sense of humor. Material from library posts is added to the growing library page.



1. R - 9 April 2006

I really liked the characters… very real. thanks for posting this!!

2. Maryam - 9 April 2006

Jazakallah, its quite well done I thinks.

3. talib - 10 April 2006

sometimes i become unconscious of how diverse the ummah really is (and i am not just referring to ethnicity). this defintely snapped me back awake.

more relevantly, the way they expressed themselves was as interesting as what they said.

4. The Turk - 10 April 2006

I agree with talib. I liked how that woman who was smoking in black hijab expressed her opnions. Almost feminst milant islamic; though i hate to label. We all may be muslims but we each bring our own pot to the table.

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