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Muslim Victimization 3 April 2006

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Culture, MOZAFFAR, Politics, Psychology.


I don’t think I ever bought into the notion that the world was out to destroy Muslims. Many Muslims do, however, embrace this philosophy. They believe that the goal of anyone and everyone is to oppose Muslims. That’s a philosophy of victimization that I do not endorse.

But, I do believe that Muslims are often obstacles for the global ambitions of various regimes. For starters, there are 1.5 billion of us; you’re not going to be have to travel to far before you cross paths with a Muslim. Further, most of the world’s oil and many natural resources are found in Muslim populated lands. Further still, Islam does inspire (and is often used as a vehicle for) activism and dissent.

So, I don’t believe that the world is out to destroy Muslims. Rather, Muslims often find themselves standing in the way of regimes and their ambitions. That includes non-Muslim regimes and Muslim regimes.

I do also believe that we’ve made ourselves victimizable. We’ve made ourselves colonizable. But, who is to blame? I don’t think history is some force that a few people can redirect (unless they carry the intellectual brilliance of prophets). Our history was headed in the direction of eventual defeat. If anyone is to blame, it’s the person who sees a problem and does nothing about it.

And, for the longest time, I used to develop a sort of allergic reaction to any speech that smelled of victimization. You’ll see an underlying thread throughout my discourse that each person holds his/her destiny in his/her own hands.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can ignore this culture of victimization. Muslims are victimized. It is still a reality. The Muslim nations have been exploited now for centuries. We can’t ignore it. Even in lands where Muslims are a minority, the young Muslim has few, if any, heros. Muslim and non-Muslim leaders have exploited Muslim populations.

Even if some preachers and elite wrongly embrace this culture of victimization, many laypersons have no choice but to embrace it. It has seeped deep into the culture. Their Islamic theology becomes a theology of victimization.

I can’t give myself the luxury of feeling victimized, but I can’t look down upon my Muslim brother/sister because he feels that way. It’s in the air. Be thankful that you don’t have to breathe it, but help the individual who has no other air.

Be thankful that you have — somewhere in your heart — hope. I still get surprised when I discover how little hope people have.



1. The Turk - 3 April 2006

Well, the problem is not only with Islam. True belief has never been cherished by rulers. All Prophets(pbut) have exprienced it. And Islam is the last true belief left. All the others have fallen and no really follows it anymore. Not really to the extent muslims follow their religon. We still believe in the rules laid on to us. Most other religions for all there boasts etc. have become institutions and sort of hippie spirtulism. Worship the idea of God without obeying His rules.

One of my friends who is catholic said once to me that Islam is that true religon left which pratices its faith religously. He spent a lot time in Pakistan and also had spent time Europe too. That was his observation and mine too.

And true belief is not appreciated by the ruling classes around the world. Its not their rules who obey then. Also that why so called popular culture is so pushed by media. The true message of the 1960’s for polictial change & enfranchisement of the people to work and change their communities, countries and lives. What was piped through the media was sex, drugs and rock and roll. They media made exgarreted the sex, drugs etc message and establisment hunted down the Black Panthers and rest of the poltical parties and movements brewing.

So the story goes. Truth is never been a prized commidty in this world.

2. talib - 3 April 2006

I think the Turk has a point.

It might seem like Muslims take a seemingly childish mentality at times: “i have the Truth and you’re just jealous”. But I think there is something to this.

“…they bite the ends of their fingers in rage against you. Say: Die in your rage; surely Allah knows what is in the breasts.” (3:119)

there are various other ayaat like this expressing how much hate is in the hearts of some of the non-believers for no apparent reason except for the fact that the Muslims believe and submit to Allah.

3. mozaffar - 3 April 2006

Salams Turk and talib,

Turk, I have to admit that I don’t quite understand the point that you’re making, especially because talib’s point seems (to me) to be addressing something different. May I ask you to explain further?

talib – there are definitely individuals and parties who possess nothing but hatred of Muslims. Your quote is on target, as is your further explanation. In my blog entry, I’m asserting that as a sentiment, it does not explain all of the politics of the world, whether we’re talking about the occupations of muslim majority lands. I do believe that many of these players on the world stage seek one simple thing: dunya. And, at times, Muslim populations just happen to be in the way.

In a way, I’m expanding on my post entitled “No Good. No Evil.”

Thanks for your posts.

May Allah bless you.

Omer M

4. talib - 3 April 2006

Allah bless you as well.

I do not disagree with anything in your post, mozaffar.

I just thought that the Turk made a good point in also pointing the fact that at times Muslims may be oppressed simply because they believe. It doesn’t explain all the politics, of course, but I don’t think we can rule out the possibility that it can explain some.

The qureish are a good example. Some of the them hated the Muslims because they just did. The concept of one ilah and throwing away the beliefs of their ancestors burned them up inside. Others couldn’t care less about the Message, they were just worried that the rise of monotheism would ruin their businesses as there would be less gods for the people to make a pilgrimmage for and spend money and trade. And then others had other reasons. In the end they all teamed up to oppress the Muslims.

You point out the fact that nowadays, Muslims are ‘in the way’ of various political movements and thus find themselves in the crossfire. But I think there are many cases where believing people throughout history, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, even when they were not politically important or ‘in the way’ got oppressed. And here we’re talking about physical oppression. And we haven’t even mentioned ideological or psychological oppression. The modern day sense of victimization might be in some way a symptom of this ideological and psychological oppression.

But in the end, I agree that playing the victim won’t get us anywhere.

5. mozaffar - 3 April 2006

Salams talib,

We agree. 100%.

May Allah bless you.

Omer M

6. The Turk - 3 April 2006

The point I was trying to make; is that muslims are the last ummah. We will suffer as ummah’s before us did. We are the last belivers. We haven’t gone into the spritulism bog and forgetton all rules and edicts laid down. Most christians and jews can be classified into
non-practicing people of their faiths. The fundamentals of their faith have been destroyed by years of abuse.

Most muslim countries still have fundamentals of islam practiced daily. You can hear muzieen still calling and poeple walking to the mosque. How many chruch bells can you hear and see people going to chruch? In 1990 a rabbi was elected as a mayor to Juersalam. He made a law that no pig meat could be sold there. Most of kibbutz are pig farms and the pig farmers made a big deal and then PM Yitzak Shamir had talk with mayor and had it repealed. I believe that mayor resgined but most jews did not want their pig meat gone. Its ordered as the other white meat in Isreal.

So they don’t follow rules regalated down to them by their own books that they accept as rules even today. It has become sin every day and forvigness on sunday/sabbath.

So as muslims, we are the last bastion of people that still believe. I have met several catholic, jews and others who simply don’t believe. God is a figment of our imagnation so they say.

So when we believe; they can not believe. So the division occurs. Also when you believe even ever so slighlty you behave and act a little bit better. Also and then you are diffrent. And they kill you with the differneces.

I always hear women in pakistan abused and raped and poision thrown on them etc. The charterzation that comes out is that this only happens in muslim countries. Like women are not raped every couple minutes in the States. That domestic abuse doesn’t occur in the West because women are free here. BS

Victimization belief occurs because it has happened so long and the East has taken the abuse and not had successful retalation. Japan, China, India and the Middle East all have been raped by the Western countries.

No one has been able to flex power and rebel these western countries with brutal force. Once you have been beaten and even if the bully leaves alone or tries to be friends; you can’t kill the memories. The haterd that boils; that why you have columbine killings etc.

Also the bully is always afraid somehow you will get weapons and become stronger and does his best to remain on top. That’s why who have west interfereing when some good comes along like King Fasial etc.

But I think best advice is what our Rasul(SAW) gave : Believe what you believe and we will believe what we believe and that’s it. Don’t mess with us and we won’t mess with you.

May Allah’s Mercy be on all of us.

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