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He Said She Said 30 March 2006

Posted by ABD in ABD, Poetry, Relationships.

by ABD

He: I like what I see.
She: What, exactly?
He: You know what I mean.
She: But you’ll have to make a commitment.
He: To what?
She: Love and two kids. Jim and Jen.
He: You better listen to me, then.
She: Fine.
He: Are you sure?
She: We’ll see.

She: What’s the coat for?
He: I’m going for a walk.
She: Can we talk?
He: Not anymore.
She: When are you back?
He: We’ll see.

He: I’m tired.
She: You have me.
He: What now?
She: We’ll see.

March 2006 (work in progress)



1. R - 30 March 2006

… hmmm.. is there a happy ending?

either way, I like it.. thanks for sharing :)

2. somethingtobe - 31 March 2006

i think i’ll put up the little piece i’m working on… its about a conversation b/n a man and a woman… and what they’re really saying… not the words but the bits they’re not saying… i know that makes no sense. shame.

3. ABD - 6 April 2006

R: it was meant to be open-ended, as life usually is. there should nevertheless be a difference in tone compared to the “we’ll see” endings of stanzas one and two. by the final stanza, i was going for reconciliation (and hope, although that might be too strong a word).

somethingtobe: i look forward to reading the piece. let us know when you’re going to put it up.

have either of you read “the giving tree” by shel silverstein? that’s one of the dynamics at play here…

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