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Great Men 24 March 2006

Posted by ABD in ABD, History, Philosophy, Poetry.

by ABD

Great men speak across time
with indifference, as if to belie
culture, chance, circumstance
and the differences we presume.
Like two women across the alley:
one leans out of her window as
the other covers a balcony length,
unclipping the clothes as they dry.
They don’t live in different houses,
but speak into a neighboring room.

A Plato spoke to a Homer once,
and a Nietzsche gave the reply.
One Thomas completed an Aristotle,
another did a Thucydides resume.
When a Jesus spoke from the cradle
a Muhammad heard his cry, and
words that had enflamed a bush
now made a desert bloom.

Great men speak across time
like two women across the alley.
And in the street below we’ll try
to make out what they’re saying
by the shape of their mouths.

March 2006 (work in progress)



1. Baraka - 24 March 2006

I love it.

2. The Turk - 24 March 2006

subanallah, lajawab.. wah wah wah…

for those not familar.. these praises are said
at ghazals/ indian/pakistani poetry functions.

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