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Who Got the Money? 14 March 2006

Posted by VARANGALI in Culture, VARANGALI.


The bus rolled to a stop at 2 AM, Boston’s Chinatown. Groggy, I stumbled onto the littered pavement. As I knelt to tie my shoelaces, I heard, loud and guttural, “Who got the money?”

She stood but two feet from me: leaning against the wall in fishnet stockings and a short leather skirt, bent-back and eyes pasty. It seemed most fitting that she was smoking as her voice cracked, that her face was indiscernible under the paint, and that I could not tell whether her back was arched like a cat in a corner, or as a prelude to the fetal position.

Under the dim street lamps, I stood up and walked home.



1. talib - 15 March 2006

‘show me the money!!!’

2. The Turk - 15 March 2006

There’s a Chinatown in every major city it seems… I mean we got a chinatown here even in Calgary…

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