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solace 16 February 2006

Posted by ABD in ABD, Poetry, Spirituality.

by ABD

when your scalding tears can’t put out
the ten thousand fires raging round,
when your rubber thighs can’t place
foot in front of foot on the ground,

when you feel your insides fall away
and just can’t smile to play the part,
when a warm shoulder turns cold
and a horrid silence grips your heart,

look back to why you chose this walk,
find those who see what you’ve seen —
and as you wait with a wet gaze
for the day we meet on the green,

turn to the one behind the blink
of an eye, closer than you think.




1. VARANGALI - 16 February 2006


What do “rubber thighs” signify? Are rubber thighs inelastic, and therefore hard to move? Or is it rubbery, as in bouncy?


2. The Turk - 16 February 2006

yes, we are told it is closer than you think.
Cliches but true…
All sorrow and pain passes.
So does joy and pleasure.
However, why is it sorrow and pain take longer
than joy and pleasure to pass.

the hills and the valleys.
hills covered with glass
and valley far and too few in between.

3. ABD - 20 February 2006

varangali: i was thinking of rubbery, trembling thighs–when your legs feel like they’ve turned to jelly after strenuous exercise, for example.

the turk: that’s the first comment i’ve seen turn into its own poem. i know you’ve thought about these issues as much as i have. as for your question: i guess who remembers the pain and who the joy varies by individual. but even if it is true that in our collective experience pain seems to stick around longer than joy, you will agree that our memories preserve joy better than pain. it may even be that nostalgia for the past intensifies our present pain.

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