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spotlight| Peter Sanders 15 January 2006

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We run periodic spotlights on thinkers, artists or events of note. This is our first.


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Our first spotlight is on Peter Sanders. Sanders is perhaps the most widely traveled photographer of the Muslim world and certainly one of its most talented. His spiritual and artistic itineraries have been closely intertwined since the late 1970s (born in 1946, he came to Islam at the age of 24). His photographs of the sacred cities of Makkah and Madinah are well-known (the earliest of which date back to his 1971 hajj), and his latest project is on Islam in China.

“One should not under-estimate the importance of Peter Sanders’ work,” says American writer Michael Sugich. “He is the only photographer working today who has systematically and with great devotion to the task, covered vast areas of the Islamic world as an insider. Because of his deep understanding of the culture and his impeccable spiritual courtesy, he has been able to photograph places and people that virtually no western photographer would be able to access. He has left an indelible, poetic and ravishing record of an extraordinary time and a rich and fascinating culture.”

Check out his web site at www.petersanders.co.uk. (His achievements apparently include knocking out Muhammad Ali in Madinah, with a picture to prove it.) You can also buy his book, In the Shade of the Tree, on Amazon and elsewhere. His newest work, Seeking Knowledge in China, should be out soon.



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