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An Artist’s Creed, Possibly 13 January 2006

Posted by EDITOR in Arts, GUESTS.


Note: Our guest contributor this week is Imran Javaid, a Virginia-based lawyer, an amateur playwright and an intermittent presence on othermatters.org.

Reality is the disjoint between the objective and the subjective, between the evocative and the evoked, between a thing and what it moves us to feel and to think. Art illuminates that space.



1. ABD - 20 January 2006

as-salaam alaykum. evocative indeed. is the upshot of your statement that art illuminates reality? insofar as art is the opposite of nature, does it not rather imagine what is unreal? i’m thinking of the senses in which we use the word art: she’s being artful or artless, for example. or perhaps the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive, since you’re talking about a disconnect between the perceived and the perception. i’m really intrigued, and wish you’d elaborate.

2. eteraz - 28 January 2006

the classical view of art was that there was no disjoint between reality and art. art was merely a mirror.

you have echoed the modern view. where art is an agent which acts.

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